About This Journey

Napa Valley School Library Consortium is a 3600-square mile, county-wide library syndicate composed of three districts, two private/parochial schools, the adult education school and the county office of education’s curriculum/assistive technology library.

Kate MacmillanNow in its ninth year, we have morphed into a model that provides services in unique ways to a variety of school libraries.  Looking back, I am amazed and humbled by the collaborative partnership that has emerged among these very different districts, sites and staffs.

Join us for an interesting and already crazy year as we continue the BYOD implementation at our middle schools and remaining high schools along with the IPad project for K-2. With the easy accessibility of devices, we expect the use of digital resources, including eBooks in the  library and classroom, to increase dramatically.

Just in case we get a little complacent, Common Core State Standards, Project-Based Learning (PBL) at the high schools, middle schools and now elementary sites, along with the new transitional kindergarten are just a few more things to add to our schedules. We will be very busy!

Over the next year you’ll hear from a very different cast of characters who will share their successes and frustrations – many of which are probably very similar to yours. We look forward to giving you an accurate picture of our libraries and some insight into the remarkable people who staff them. We hope you’ll take the time to follow us as we set out on another year in our library life.


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