Looking Back on ‘A Year in the Life’ at Year’s End

Reading over the last year’s blog entries made me more emotional than I thought I would ever be. Yes, I was proud of the contributors and amazed by the variety of topics covered. From tweeting authors; reading non-fiction; creating a BYOD library and even a post about high school football, A Year in the Life bloggers wrote about topics that concern all school library staff.

These three words “all library staff” are the most important ones to the success of A Year in the Life and to the Napa Valley School Library Consortium. Teacher librarians, library media specialists and clerks all wrote about their particular library journeys over the past year. Each post was different but the sum made it possible for them to journey together…. If anything is learned from our blogs, we hope it is that we are all in this library world together. Collaboration, respect and trust will ensure the journey is successful.

We committed to A Year in the Life for one year and now the time has come for this final blog. We have enjoyed reaching out to you and telling our stories and in turn hope you enjoyed reading them.

Kate MacMillan

Kate MacMillan


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